Edge Glued Strips
The fresh look of our exclusive
Microstrip wood flooring has been developed and specified by the most well known architects and designers in the northwest. A great contrast to traditional strip flooring, it makes you different… in a sense UNIQUE!!!

Single Strip
The Bellagio Collection is available in many popular varieties, from contemporary light tones to darker old-world shades. Which variety is right for you? You'll know it when you see it. Whatever you choose, it's comforting to know you will be living with one of the highest quality, more original and most beautiful wood floors in the entire world.

chileno collection chileno
Handscraped Wide Plank
Hand scraped and custom to every detail, the Chileno Collection provides the timeless wide plank flooring we have had for centuries. Manufactured in Chile, the quality and the subtle scraping makes this product the enviable choice. So take off your shoes. EXPERIENCE and FEEL the curvature of the scrapes created and refined by individual craftsmen. Every unique board tells their story.

hakwood hakwood


Hakwood specializes in the manufacture of wide-width, long-length flooring. Utilizing sustainable resources in Europe, the US and from around the world, Hakwood produces state of the art solid & engineered flooring.

Hakwood wide-width engineered flooring is a stable, beautiful, versatile, and environmentally responsible choice for your hardwood floors.

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Stile Pavimenti Legno S.p.a. (a wooden flooring company) was born in 1965 out of a passion and devotion to lumber.

In the mid-sixties, they came to a turning point: this was the beginning of a company which manufactures mosaic wood floors: the S.Ti.Le Società Tiberina Legnami, now Stile Pavimenti Legno Spa. Today Stile is a well-known brand in Italy and all around the world Stile is synonymous with quality and elegance.

allwood      E N G I N E E R E D Allwood
Single Strip & Handscraped

Allwood Floors are exotic real wood floors, with wood species from China, Indonesia, South America and Africa. Our manufacturing base is in China, equipped with the most advanced manufacturing facility and management team. Allwood Floors are gaining popularity for their consistent quality, excellent service and competitive prices.

allwood           B  A  M  B  O  O

Single Strip

The BAMBOO collection offers versatile and elegant styles through three distictive structures. SOLID BAMBOO comes with horizontal, vertical and end grain (MOSAIC) pattern in both natural as well as carbonized color. Our ENGINEERED BAMBOO collection expands the normal color pallet with two additional colors, midnight and sunrise. Next we have STRAND BAMBOO which transforms the comtemporary bamboo pattern appealing to a more traditional taste in natural, carbonized and our tiger.